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A Message from Shockproof! Training
Cash Flow Proxies and Debt Capacity
The Resilient Jobs Market
A Stubborn Focus on Worker Retention
The Cost-of-Thriving Index
A Different Look at Economic Well-Being
Flash versus Competence in Managing a Business
Different Paths to the Top
Cash Flow Statements and Cash Flow Proxies: An In-Depth Examination
Operating Cash Flow, Cash Impact, and Debt Capacity

Our calendar for the next
30 days

(all presentations start @ 11:00am Pacific)

Wed. Mar 29th
Commercial Real Estate Loan Documentation
Tue. Apr 4th
Global Cash Flow
Tue. Apr 4th
Understanding and Analyzing Contractor Financial Statements Part I of II
Wed. Apr 5th
Analytical Focus in the Credit Write Up
Wed. Apr 5th
Minimum Financial Data for Assessing Borrower Risk
Tue. Apr 11th
Understanding and Analyzing Contractor Financial Statements Part II of II
Wed. Apr 12th
Commercial Loan Documentation
Wed. Apr 12th
Fund Accounting and Municipality Analysis: Part I of II
Wed. Apr 19th
Fund Accounting and Municipality Analysis: Part II of II
Wed. Apr 19th
The Five Cs of Credit

Credit College
Commercial Business Underwriting
Wed. Mar 29th (session #8)
The Credit Write-Up Again
Thu. Mar 30th - Series Kickoff
Analytical Decision Tree and the Credit Write-Up
Thu. Apr 6th (session #2)
Financial Statement Review and Ratio Analysis
Thu. Apr 13th (session #3)
Cash Flow Analysis and Borrowing Causes
Thu. Apr 20th (session #4)
Management Assessment, Projected Cash Flow, and the First Way Out

Credit College
Commercial Real Estate Underwriting
Tue. Mar 28th (session #8)
Repayment Risks, Covenants, and the Credit Write-Up Revisited

Wed. Apr 26th - Series Kickoff
The Credit Write-Up and the CRE Analytical Process

Credit College
Credit Basics
Wed. May 31st - Series Kickoff
Understanding Financial Statements and Business Organizations

Credit College
Accounting Essentials
Tue. Mar 28th (session #4)
Recording Transactions and Creating the Balance Sheet and Income Statement

Thu. May 18th - Series Kickoff
Financial Statement Structure and Composition

Credit College
Analysis Using Federal Tax Returns
Thu. Mar 30th (session #4)
Personal Income Tax Returns and Cash Flow
Thu. Apr 6th (session #5)
Schedule M-1 and the Accrual Income Statement
Thu. Apr 13th (session #6)
Business Income Tax Returns and Ratio Analysis
Tue. Apr 18th - Series Kickoff
Business Income Tax Returns
Thu. Apr 20th (session #7)
Business Income Tax Returns and Cash Flow Analysis
Tue. Apr 25th (session #2)
The Section 179 Deduction

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