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Webinar Topics (3)
Enrollment Dates
1. Analytical Focus in the Credit Write Up

4.82 (48 reviews)
... focused analysis instead of description
In this case-based webinar, which runs approximately an hour and 45 minutes, participants examine the analytical focus and content of the credit write-up, or underwriting memorandum, with special emphasis on the four fundamental issues that must invariably be addressed and assessed in every credit write-up - the borrowing causes, the source of cash to service debt, the relevant risks to each cash source of debt service, and mitigants to the risks. In addition, they examine the use of specific analytical tools and techniques - with specific emphasis on the Uniform Credit Analysis (UCA) cash flow statement - and the application of specific loan covenants in effectively assessing each of the fundamental issues.
2. Description and Analysis in the Credit Write-Up

5.00 (6 reviews)
... making sense out of ratios and cash flow
In this case-based webinar, which runs approximately an hour and 45 minutes, participants review the four essential analytical issues that must be addressed and resolved in every credit write-up. They examine the role of descriptive, or factual, statements and the necessity of verifying the significance of such descriptive statements in addressing and resolving one or more of the essential analytical issues. In so doing, participants address the limitations of "elevator analysis" and trace the path from a descriptive credit write-up to an analytical credit write-up in which both description and analysis play their respective roles. In addition, they focus on the importance of selecting only relevant descriptive information for inclusion in a credit write-up as well as properly identifying the significance of such descriptive information.
3. Spreading Financial Statements

5.00 (5 reviews)
... the critical first step in the credit decision process
In this case-based webinar, which runs approximately an hour and 45 minutes, participants review the basic objective of spreading financial statements in a software system and, in so doing, explore the necessity for everyone involved in the spreading process to be fully informed about the risk indicators used by their institution in reaching a credit decision and the required computational methodology for each such risk indicator. They focus on the more common errors in spreading income statement and balance sheet information and the possible impact of these errors on a range of risk measures. Further, participants examine the importance of properly reconciling changes in net worth or partners' capital. In addition, they identify various pitfalls from insertion of new accounts into the software system's default set of accounts as well as examine the importance of matching financial statement terminology with the software system's account terminology.