Credit Analyst
Commercial Business Underwriting

Provide courses necessary to equip a professional - who completes all Learning Path courses and tests - with the credit skills necessary to underwrite a commercial business loan request, usually under the supervision or guidance of a Senior Credit Analyst or Credit Administrator, based on an assessment of available hard and soft data.

The underwriting process entails properly identifying:

  • The borrowing causes.
  • The cash sources of debt service.
  • The risks associated with each cash source of debt service.
  • The relevant risk mitigants.

Resolution of these issues, in turn, determines loan structure.

A proper understanding and application of the Uniform Credit Analysis (UCA) cash flow statement is critical for successful completion of the Learning Path and its associated certification.

Cost Summary
  • Courses: 24
  • Member Connections: 24
  • Non-Member Price: $6,000
Coursework Path
Step 1: Credit College Series on Accounting Essentials
Step 2. Credit College Series on Commercial Business Underwriting
Step 3: Selected Single Topic Webinars

If a participant has a demonstrable sound working knowledge of accounting, he or she may skip accounting. However, an accounting refresher is rarely a waste of time and effort, and a sound working knowledge of accounting is essential for mastery of the material in this Learning Path for a Credit Analyst.

The Credit College Course on Commercial Business Underwriting introduces the sequential steps in the credit decision process - an assessment of the borrower, the guarantor, and the collateral - and the necessary analytical tools and techniques necessary to master each step.

The single topic Webinars expand on commercial loan documentation, pitfalls in spreading financial information, and the key analytical elements in the credit write-up.

The Credit College Course on Using Federal Tax Returns for Ratio and Cash Flow Analysis provides the knowledge and technical skills to properly use business income tax returns in lieu of accrual financial statements in assessing the risk profile of a borrower.

Testing / Certification

Every Webinar includes an online, multiple choice review quiz. Every session in a Credit College Series includes an online, multiple choice review quiz. Every Credit College Series includes an online, multiple choice progress check or final exam.

The tests are optional, but they are critical in determining if a participant mastered the material in this Learning Path and, therefore, qualifies for certification as a Credit Analyst / Commercial Business.